Sunday, 30 November 2008

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Last week, I attended a talk on "Innovation & Entrepreneurship in an Interdependent World"
by Dr. Georges Haour, IMD, Switzerland.

It was quite an enlightening session. It gave rise to my inspiration to write on Innovation that is related to the Singapore Real Estate Agency and Agent environment which I am more familiar with due to they are our clients.

First of all, Agents and Brokers themselves are entrepreneurs. Sad to say, but it is a fact that real estate brokerage is not a vital industry in our economy. Therefore, they should put more weight on Innovation than the others. It is even more so during this global economic crisis we are in now.

My understanding: "Innovation is about ideas that change for a better way". It is not about new ideas, it is not about spending a lot of money and it is certainly not about re-inventing the wheel.

In short, to me, it is about implementing the ideas that can change the way we get things done better.

It is so simple to say but it is so difficult to do or implement....... Changes take time and pain ....

In the above video, even effort is required just to "implement the idea". The man got to get out of his comfortable zone of lying on the couch and implement his idea.

But I believe for most people, they will just "live with it as it is". And innovation is "killed" or not even born.

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